The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden

The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden

Book - 2014
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Gwendolyn Golden has a bad temper and hates to read. She's a pretty normal teenager until - one morning she wakes up on the ceiling. Along with her many average teenage qualities, Gwendolyn Golden can also fly. What's happening to her?
Publisher: Toronto : Dundurn, c2014.
ISBN: 9781459707351
Branch Call Number: J FIC Dowdi
Characteristics: 200 p.


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loljilydoe Apr 22, 2015

Alright to be honest, when I first heard of this book, I was expecting something like Savy by Ingrid Law which was one of my favourite books when I was younger. But after the opinions of many of my friends and peers, I truly believed that I was going to be reading one of the worst books ever. However, it took a drastic turn for the better once I opened it up. Once again, the intended audience was definitly not Red Maple readers and I felt that the part about purberty was just added in so the book would make the age cut. In reality, the puberty part had no realtion to the plot and I was really bored during those parts. Its awkward as it is and we (teens) don't want to be constantly reminded that we're going through this life changing phase. Other than that, this book had a great idea. The whole idea of being able to fly so high that the shade would come for you but you can't give up simply because there are better things in life and that to balance out the shade you have your own spirit things (the feather). I wished the author would go more indepth with that part because that was the part of the book that I truely enjoyed.

izabulka Apr 20, 2015

okay so this is a what i call 'eh' book. there was a somewhat good idea to the plot, but it wasn't written very well, which made the book mediocre. it was a read that i would expect more from, especially the ending. there were some good points to the book, such as a few developed characters, but the writing needs some work (in my opinion)

angelica1234_5 Apr 19, 2015

This book was slightly acceptable.This book is great due to it's background theme,but what the author need to improve on is their grammar and past tense.This is my 3 question:
1.Who started off the generation as a night flyer in Gwendolyn Golden's family?
2.Will Martin and Gwendolyn become friends again or will they remain worst enemies for eternity?Will he also spread rumor about Gwendolyn being a "Flying Freak?"
3.What path will Gwendolyn verdict?Will she accept her gift as a Night Flyer?Or does she prefer to be an earthling?

artem_s Apr 18, 2015

I don't know where to start with this book. I don't know what to say. I don't know who put this in red maple and WHY. This book was so bad, that I ranted about it to everyone I saw that day. To begin, the character was bad. It definitely was very developed, but was it a good character? No. The problem is that the only people who would most likely enjoy this book are the people who can relate to the main character. That means that the majority will dislike it. And that generally means that it is a bad book. In books, if the reader can't relate to a charter, he will want to read about him because he is a cool character. Maybe he is a prodigy, or a wizard, or a spy, he's cool and you want to read about him. You want to see what he will do, say, and how he will wreck everyone else because he is cool and he is the kind of guy you want to cheer for.
At the very least, if he isn't cool himself, than he should be doing something that's funny, or interesting, or awesome. Like for example, in lord of the rings, Frodo wasn't one of the best characters in literature. But he was killing orcs, turning invisible, thwarting elves, stealing from dragons, and that's what made a classic, one of the best examples of fantasy books in literature. That's cool and I want to read about it. Here, there is none of either. Gwendolyn is a arrogant, immature, naive, stupid, ignorant, unstable, boring, and terrible person. Why would I want to read about a person like that? This brings us to our next big problem THE WORLD BUILDING. The world was so poorly developed, that it felt like there was nothing but Gwendolyn in the book. The society, or cult, or community, or council, or whatever it was of the night flyers was not developed at all. Frankly, that was the reason I picked up this book and what I was the most exited for. It gives you nothing interesting at all. And also, no good supporting characters in this book, which is a BIG MISTAKE. If we grab a Rick Riordan book, we see that he introduces a bunch of characters so that at least one would appeal to the audience, and the rest would "spice up" the book. Those books were successful, AND THAT IT HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE. Here, we see none of that, plus we see no compensating factors like a good plot or world, which is what a good book with a small amount of characters would do. That brings us to the worst part: THE PLOT. The plot was what sealed the tomb of this book for me. Actually, THERE WAS NO PLOT. The events in this book had nearly no rhyme or reason, and did not follow the standard plot chart, or the "volcano" chart that we learned about in grade 5, where you have the rising action, climax, and falling action. The funny thing was, when I was reading this for my first (and last) time, I was reading it on an iPad, so I didn't have a clear representation of how much pages I had left, because I didn't bother to check page numbers. And when the final page came, I tried to swipe forward, because the least that this book can qualify for is a long BUILD UP, or a huge INTRODUCTION. A Build up or introduction that will lead to EXITING EVENTS. At that moment I felt like the book was either saying: "go get the next one if you want to read something that isn't bad" or " This is a sample of horrible plot design. If you ever write your own book, don't do this" It felt like that due to the lack of a plot. Things are getting introduced and developed, but there not going anywhere really. The only thing one could say in defense of this piece of garbage is that the events in the book were TOO SUBTLE and insignificant, so faint that I couldn't label them as "rising action" or "climax". The way the book treats its events is laughable, and it doesn't make you take them seriously. If a regular good book plot chart can be compared with a volcano, this book's plot chart is comparable to a bump with a pice of chewed gum on top.

Sam_13 Apr 18, 2015

This book was okay. It didn't have much of a plot twist or anything dramatic and I didn't find it interesting. I really did like how original it was though, how the book got straight into her flying. This wasn't my favourite but it was okay.

yanzhang1234 Apr 17, 2015

The book was fine. It just didn't seem that interesting as you read into it. It doesn't really have much plot twist or anything unexpected. Mostly it just talked about Gwen's unordinary life. Here are my 3 questions:
1.What really happened to Gwen's dad? Was he in the shade?
2. Will Gwen ever apologize or tell Martin how she felt about him? Since Martin's mom banned him to talk to Gwen
3.Will the secret ever be leaked?

skiebluie Apr 06, 2015

I really liked this book, I enjoyed reading about Gwendolyn's experience as a night flyer and seeing how much she changes and grows. not very dramatic or climatic but still a book i wouldn't mind reading again

Lauren_62213 Mar 06, 2015

This book is a good read. It draws you in with the funky story line and plot twists.

extreme_fangirl Mar 02, 2015

I think this is a cute story about growing up with a supernatural element.

Gwendolyn Golden is going through puberty as a 13 year old teenage girl when she suddenly finds herself up on the ceiling. (Personally I thought she should have more of a reaction). She navigates the last few weeks of grade 8, going to her first party and has a falling out with a childhood best friend all while keeping a huge secret: she can fly!

This book is a good analogy for the troubles an adolescent teen has to face. Gwendolyn has to deal with the ups and down of flying, make huge decisions and deal with the consequences and overcome negative emotions and problems. This is a all told in the humorous perspective of a 13 year old.

Furthermore, I wish the author was a bit more thorough with the explanation of Night Flyers and Spirit Flyers. Parts of the book (e.g. the Shade) left many unanswered questions. Maybe a sequel?

As for my 3 questions:

1. What will happen between Martin and Gwendolyn? Will they be on speaking terms again? Will Martin reveal her secret?

2. When the time to choose comes, what will Gwendolyn choose? To fly or to be earthbound?

3. How will Gwendolyn deal with the rumors of her being a drug addict when she reaches high school?

ryanbooks99 Mar 02, 2015

It was a good novel. Would you like to have the ability to fly? Even knowing the risks, would you really take it? I personally would stay the way I am. For Gwendolyn, she must be confused at the same time excited. I mean, how many humans can fly?

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